Best Places Where you can Enjoy Cheaper Thailand Getaway

Thailand is blessed with tropical weather that is not too hot or too wet during rainy days. It is among top Asian destinations for its beautiful beaches, countrysides, unique culture and hospitality, as well as extraordinary cuisine. During April when the weather is good, the country’s popular beach and island destinations are full-packed and Thai hotel accommodations are usually at its peak season, too. However, there are still many travel destination that are truly amazing and awesome, and unbelievably cheaper than the popular tourists’ favorites. Here are other Thailand attractions where one can feel Thailand at its best as an alternative getaway.


depositphotos_14893501_s-2015Backpackers looking for alternative route to Thailand’s best experience will find Pai a really cheaper choice. Since Pai is located in the foothills of the mountains, trekking is highly enjoyable and at the same time attending elephant camps, soaking in hot springs and lunching under the waterfalls. For the more adventurous souls, Pai offers white water adventures plus tubing. Thai hotel accommodations here from backpackers’ hostel and guesthouses rate is ranging from 1200baht to 1700baht while mid-range hotels rate is from 2400bath to 3400aht. Tour packages in Pai are with accommodation option and with fixed itineraries. But, if you want to save and be on a freewheeling adventure, there are Thai’ family homes where a simple room is less than the price of a regular Thailand accommodation. Boutique and top-end hotels for those traveling in style are with extensive shopping, food and service accommodation.


Experience Thailand’s unique culture and at the same time feel a different way of worship by visiting Ayuthaya, Thailand. Ayuthaya is a valley surrounded by three rivers connecting to Gulf of Siam. It used to be the capital of Siam and the center of Siam culture and ruins of its glorious past are still visible besides several ancient Burmese temples and worship places. It is accessible by all public transport and there is always top Thai hotel accommodation near Ayuthaya attractions. A day tour is spent hopping from one temple to another plus sightseeing of Thailand valley sceneries. Ayuthaya is a good alternative to Phuket beaches and nightlife if you are after some soul-searching adventure and a big turnaround from usually vibrant holidays in Thailand.

Ko Pha Nga

If you’re a bit Phuket beach regulars, then KO Pha Nga beach offers a good alternative. Beach resorts here are cheaper but still cozy and awesome like Phuket hotels, and enjoy hammock-beds plus the sun and sand while holding on to your budget.

It’s a general impression that a Thailand holiday is only for the big spender but to smart travelers, it’s definitely a budget-friendly destination.

Thailand is a popular destination, no doubt. This is simply the reason why you need to book ahead of time on your accommodation before going. Book with


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