Explore The Top Cheap Eats in San Francisco California

If you love travelling to different places in the world, you will definitely love to travel to San Francisco California. This is a place that is famous for its distinctive tourist attraction sites and neighborhoods. Every neighborhood has a different personality which is so amazing. You can easily get a car ride to the steepest hills and a variety of seafood. The attractions in this place and the weather are diverse and this makes you have the best experience. Whether you are on a trip or a long vacation, you will enjoy every moment spent in San Francisco California. There are different dishes that you can enjoy eating, the following are some top cheap eats that you can visit.

Merigan Sub Shop

merigansubThis is the place that has almost everything that you require ranging from house butchered meet, local produce or even wines and beer. The menu has delicious dishes that will leave you wanting more.

San Jalisco

This is the right person for you looking for cheap delicious Mexican food. Visiting this place ensures that you are well satisfied and refreshed.

La TortaGorda

This is another great point where you can have the best sandwiches that are effectively overstuffed. This is a family owned joint with a great retro décor.

Mission Pie

While in San Francisco, you can enjoy your favorite desserts. They have seasonal fruit pies which are very perfect for ending a meal.


If you are looking for playful cocktails with a traditional Chinese dish, this is the perfect place for you. There are several things that will keep you cheerful for instance fun colors and hip setting.

The Ferry Building

This is a cool place for people who love eating. When the weather is conducive, you can take your meals outside and enjoy beautiful views of the Bay Bridge and the boats around. There are variety of meals to choose from which are very delicious.

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You can arrange for a travel to San Francisco California and enjoy what nature has to offer over there. If you want to enjoy consistent sunshine, you can make your visit from September to November. There are also other important occasions for in June for instance San Francisco Pride Celebration. During the winter seasons, accommodation is readily available and you get the chance to enjoy delicious meals at top cheap eats. You can visit various websites to get more information about San Francisco California and the most interesting thing that can make your visit memorable.

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