Facts About Asia that Will Blow Your Mind

If you have been thinking of traveling to Asia, whether it’s for a holiday or family vacation, there are many picturesque towns, ruins and temples not forgetting natural attractions that will thrill you on your travel there. A travel to Asia presents you with several backpacker destinations starting with the South East Asia, well known for its wonders, diversity and ease of travel. Talking of ease of travel, one of the first things you will need in your prior to travel to-do list is getting a plane ticket which can even be done online. On arrival, you may also be interested in catching some flights as you explore the region thanks to the affordable flight deals available.The_Full_Moon_Party

Asia arguably has one of the very few best cuisines in the world. If you are a partyholic, your backpack to Asia wouldn’t be complete without visiting Thailand where you will have your way to The Full Moon Party, packed with world class sound systems. This is probably the best party in the world. Even if you’re not the party type, there is still a lot to enjoy especially the food.

One of the finest things about Thailand is the food there ranging from Spicy papaya salad, massaman curry, to pad thai. There are also a couple of restaurants in Tokyo where you can eat the very sweet sushi for breakfast. You can also run for a cup of beer in Sleepy Luang Prabang which is the number one tourist attraction in Mekong’s Lao. Here, you will drink Beer Lao, probably the best beer in Asia as you watch the sunset.

If you are planning to have a trekking holiday, the magnificent town of Karakol will be a perfect place for a start. You can engage in day treks, overnight treks or even extensive expeditions into this eastern side of the very exquisite Terskei Alu Mountain ranges of Krygyzstan. You can trek with a local guide independently.

For those into beach holidays, the Perhentian islands found on the coast to the east of Malaysia are rather out of way. You can catch a boat ride from Kota Bharu which will get you to Perhentians so Koh Samui. With its white sand, lush jungle and the pale green grass like waters, you will experience the best beach scenes here.

One of the things that you cannot miss on your travel to Asia is the opportunity to visit the magnificent world famous temples in Cambodia’s Siem reap. To explore all of these beautiful architectural designs, you will need not less than three days. You can experience a spectacular sight watching the sunset while on the famous Angkor Wat temple.

Whether you will decide to travel to Asia to eat sushi for breakfast, have a helicopter ride over the Himalayas, meet a holy monkey or even receive blessings from it, you are guaranteed to enjoy every bit of your travel. None of the myriad iconic tourist attractions will leave you disappointed in your holiday or family vacation. It is advisable to do a prior research for information on flight prices to get affordable flight deals before you set on your trip.

Read more about The Full Moon Party: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Full_Moon_Party

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