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airplaneWho does not want to travel to the so-called “Melting Pot Nation” and personally experience the variety of cultures and people?  There are so many things to explore in the USA and with its vast lands and many states, there certainly is an abundance of events that we can encounter and learn from.

There surely are so many things to do in the US, but there is a suggestion of the top 5 things to do while you are there and hopefully you do not miss.  One is to come to the Grand Canyon and walk on its Skywalk that really is an interesting experience.  Second is to go to Mount Rushmore and learn about the history of the United Stated.  Third is of course one that is not to be missed whether you are with your kids or simply with your partner is the Disneyland in California and the Disney World in Florida.  If you still have time to be in New York, try watching the Broadway shows which is a must when in the big city.  Take time to capture the sites of the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building.  Another suggestion is to go to Washington DC or the National Mall, the Capital Building or the National Zoo and discover new knowledge and learning.

There are many ways to fly to the US and you have many options to select from that are offered by different airlines and travel companies that offer great deals and provide tips on how you can get cheap flights.  One suggestion is to travel at off-peak months, which are from April to June so you can get cheap flights and book in hotels at a much affordable prices.

Some of the local airline carriers that offer economical rates are United Airlines, US Airways, Alaska Airlines Inc, Delta Airlines, American Airlines and Frontier Airlines.  These airlines also offer nonstop or indirect flights for both national and intercontinental routes.

Emirates is one of the airlines which lets you fly to the US that offers a great deal to its clients because they have a considerable amount of baggage allowance, and what more is that they even let you get to have additional baggage allowance that you can purchase online to save you time and money.  They also have Skywards Miles that lets you earn miles each time you fly.

Etched Airways is another airline carrier that can take you to US with the best offer.  More than the airlines, there is also Expedia, the world’s biggest travel company where you can conveniently book your flights and at the same time get the best deals in hotels or accommodations.

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