Four Fantastic Travel Destinations

europeAre you planning a vacation or just a marvelous adventure but you’re not sure where to go? If you are trying to think of a new and exciting place to explore, let me help you out. I have picked four destinations that all have something great to offer for everyone.


Many people go backpacking through Europe. If that is not your thing, that’s fine. The country has so many other things to offer. Some places to visit include: Venice, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Dublin. There are many more choices, but these are just some of the best.

Some places to go in Venice are Doge’s Palace, Gallerie dell’Accademia, and the Grand Canal. You can catch an opera, or take a romantic and calming ride through the Grand Canal. There are also a lot of exquisite restaurants to eat at as well.


Germany is another great place to visit. It is rich with historical landmarks and events all year long. Some places to go are the Mercedes Benz Museum (if you love cars), the Berlin Wall, the Holocaust Memorial, or one of the many Holocaust concentration camps. You could also visit while Oktoberfest is going on and have some premium beers that make American beers taste mediocre.


Sweden is a beautiful place to visit, especially during Christmastime. You can visit Santa at one of their most popular theme parks. There are also numerous beaches for you to just relax and enjoy yourself. You can fulfill your physical needs by either taking a bicycle ride through towns, go fishing, play a couple of rounds of golf, or many other activities.


When visiting France, you must see the Eiffel Tower. You can also explore and see all the different fashion stores and boutiques. France is also known for their delicious food, so make sure you visit plenty of restaurants. You might even enjoy some of their more exotic dishes, such as snails, frog legs or octopus. If you are going with that special someone in your life, stop in Paris and enjoy the city of love!

These places have plenty to offer. They all have different activities that can please anyone. With so many places to go and restaurants to eat at, you’ll never be bored! It might be difficult to decide exactly where you want to go, so try to narrow it down a little more if you can. Now what are you waiting for, book that ticket and go on an adventure!

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