Sydney Bathroom Renovations – Latest Renovation Trends that are Shaping Hospitality Scenes

With new trends emerging in the travel culture, hotels need to come-up with the latest  interior innovations and stop at thinking bathrooms as auxiliary rooms because modern travelers are now treating bathrooms as their extended living area. Hotels are now opting to custom bathroom renovations to keep up with guests’ expectations that they’ll be getting more when staying in their chosen temporary home during their travel. On this note, here are some of Sydney outstanding bathroom renovation trends in 2017.

Spa-like bathrooms

Gone are the days when bathrooms are perceived as a small private place to do your private thing. Modern travelers are now expecting the bathroom as an extended space of the living area and with space that will make the journey unforgettable and one of a kind experience.  Sydney hotels are now opting for custom bathroom renovations turning the bathroom into spa-like other than the usual auxiliary space. A resort bathroom for example is filled with spa-like features such as spa tubs and lightings that are conducive to peaceful and relaxing mood. Spa-like bathrooms are sure invitation to luxury that guests simply find tempting and irresistible. Spa-like bathrooms are equipped with beauty items and plenty of space for pampering and luxury relaxation.

Themed bathrooms

Bathroom appeal is now a key to attracting more booking with travelers basing their choices to hotels’  “exhibition” spaces. Hotels are turning their spaces into memorable space through designs and renovations, and bathrooms are simply not excluded. Custom bathroom renovations are turning bathrooms into spaces with themes that are appealing most to the elite travelers. Themed bathrooms become a destination in itself that allows guests create memorable and one of a kind hotel experience.

Indoor-outdoor bathrooms

Decks and terraces allow indoor-outdoor appeal. With the use of wood paneling, stone decorations, lush greenery and indoor fixtures like waterfalls, custom bathroom renovations in Sydney is bringing nature indoor. The indoor-outdoor bathroom is to help guests release tension and fight off stress.

Green bathrooms

Green bathrooms are with environment-friendly fixtures and of natural lighting, and oversized-windows, recycling bins, green walls and roofs are helping Sydney bathroom renovations to go and stay green. Electronic bathroom fixtures like electronic faucets are a common sight in a green bathroom.

Technology overload bathrooms

Guests using the bathrooms won’t get disconnected as technology-friendly and overloaded bathrooms allow them to be connected at all times. Technology overloaded bathrooms are self-helping and are making life a lot easier and guests enjoying continued work-flow.

Creative solutions are helping hotels face competition and renovations on all areas including bathrooms are part of such solutions and with the new twists, it’s definitely  shaping the hospitality scenes.

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