The Different Types of Towers and Their Functions

The use of towers has been recorded since prehistoric times. These structures can be seen almost anywhere in the world. Today, there are different types of towers which help improve productivity in various fields of work. In Scotland are found some of the oldest existing towers. Some of the world renowned towers include the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Towers are used to store items including water. These are also used for communication enhancement, transportation support and more.

towersThere are also other types of towers which offer different functions including the ability to access high or tall objects. These towers include launch towers, tower crane, scaffold and service structure. Towers which are use to lift high tension cables are known as transmission tower. There are also types of towers which are used for industrial production and those which improve structural integrity.

Masts are also type of tall structures often used interchangeably with towers. Masts however, are held up by stays while towers are often self supporting structures. These are often used to support antennas for many telecommunication and broadcasting companies. Rapid Deployment Masts are among the types of masts which are often used as a standalone structure that is fully self contained and often self powered and used in many communication solution. These types of tower offer the perfect solution for various temporary functions like mine expansions, sporting events or even in many training exercises by military personnel. These types of towers can be built to suit different types of uses and applications. Enjoy easy assembly wherein the mast can be erected in a matter of minutes. This type of tower can be fitted easily on vehicles with special brackets.

Another tower which is designed for many tough industrial and mining purposes is the Skid Mounted Masts and Towers. These types of towers are often designed so that these can be easily pushed from either side. A unit can be easily operated requiring only one operator. One tower can also be mounted on top of a truck where loading can be easily done.

Another type of tower which can be mounted on a vehicle and offers quick solution to your tower requirements are the Trailer Mounted Masts and Towers. There are companies which offer factory and ready to use towers. This type of tower offers a lot of advantages. The masts can stay as an independent unit which can completely work without needing the vehicle to operate.

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