Villas Offer the Best Accommodation Deal for an Indonesian Vacation

Are you planning for a getaway trip together with your family or friends? Then instead of booking in some fancy hotel, you might want to consider renting one of the Bali holiday villas in Indonesia. Why? Read some of the known benefits below.

You could get to have your own rooms

With a hotel room, you might end up sharing the room with your kids. But not when will be staying in a Bali luxury villa in the country. These types of accommodation are made with those who are travelling as a group in mind. Expect these to have several rooms where you could get to have five even. They call it home away from home because you would also get to have a living room and dining room in Bali holiday villas.

You get to have more savings

If you will be traveling as a group, expect to pay for several rooms in a hotel where costs could be very expensive. Well, not when you stay in Bali holiday villas. You can save on accommodation because you can get to rent the whole property including all of the rooms for the price of one.

You’ll have some extra privacy

When you stay in a hotel, you’ll most likely run into a stranger in the hallway. You also won’t be able to get to hold your own private party since amenities like the restaurant is often shared. In comparison, luxury Bali villas will allow you some privacy because they will only entertain one group of guests at a time. You can hold your own private party or do whatever pretty much you want to do in the property like have a barbeque outside.

You will get to have your own swimming pool

It is already common for the best villas in Bali to have their own swimming pool. Consider renting one as if going to a private resort. Your kids will have a fun time playing at the pool.

Hired help at your disposal

You will be treated like that of a real royalty when you stay in holiday villas. Have you experienced having a chauffeur? Or how about having your own cook? Fancy having someone to clean up for you? A butler maybe? If you’ve only seen this in your dreams, you can get to see them all in one place. And the best part? They will be serving you, included as an extra service in a villa for rent.

So when you are visiting Bali, there’s no doubt that the best accommodation for a group of travelers would be a rental villa.

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